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Welcome to the 1st spring craftastical event. We are super excited to share with you our crafty nature. Below you will see a list of vender's and artists who have committed there time and talent to bring you a fantastic show. Mark your calenders for April 29th and plan on coming to get your birthday gifts, holiday gifts, decorations for your home and some super yummy treats . More details to come. click on each persons name to see what they are offering for this show. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR NAME WHEN YOU LEAVE A COMMENT SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE FOR THE DRAWINGS. THANKS

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Featured Artist is Kate Crafting friends

Here's how featured artists work.  Every couple of days a new artist will be featured on the main page.  Please leave a comment below about this artist and get entered to win some rub on wall art for you home.   Winners will be drawn the day of the show and posted here so check back often to see if you win and then come to the show to claim your prize. 

Today's featured Artist is Kate at Crafting Friends.  Kate has amazing talent and makes these cute hair accessories and creative card holders combined with her husband who has metal art for your yard you are bound to find something you will love with this Crafty friend. 
I wanted something different than the flowers for my little girls to wear, so I created a butterfly for them.  I think it turned out cute and they seem to like it.  I will have a variety of colors available at the craft fair.

Crafting friends by Kate Wagstaff has a variety of things to choose from.  These are just a few hobbies of mine to pass the time and wind down. I will also have a few things some family members have made because I think they do an amazing job in the things they make.

This is the in thing with my teenage daughter right now.  She got me started on making them, and asks for different color combinations quite often to match the outfit of the day.  The flowers slide on the band so you can place it where you want when wearing it. You an also mix and match the bands and flowers to change things up a bit.

I love to cook, but hate it when my recipe cards get ruined from being on the counter.  These card holders are what I came up with to fix my problem.  They were fun to create and can be used for holding whatever reminder you need, whether it is a grocery list, thought of the day, or a note to your kids. I think I have around 30-40 different creations.

I will also have a few of these chests available.  They would be perfect for jewelery, hair accessories or as a treasure chest for goodies.
My husband does metal art that can be displayed in various ways.  I'm not sure what he will have ready for me to bring to the fair, but check out his blog.  If there is anything you would like, just leave a comment.