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Welcome to the 1st spring craftastical event. We are super excited to share with you our crafty nature. Below you will see a list of vender's and artists who have committed there time and talent to bring you a fantastic show. Mark your calenders for April 29th and plan on coming to get your birthday gifts, holiday gifts, decorations for your home and some super yummy treats . More details to come. click on each persons name to see what they are offering for this show. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR NAME WHEN YOU LEAVE A COMMENT SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE FOR THE DRAWINGS. THANKS

Thursday, April 7, 2011

back country beads

Back Country Beads

If you haven't already seen these then your in for a treat.  These beads and jewelry are so beautiful.  A style we should all be rockin.  Leave a comment for the back country beads and be entered in a drawing to win a $5 gift certificate to shop at Back Country Beads.  

Sandy Times

Black Is

Baby Kisses


Pretty In

We have all colors available and you can choose your own designs,
colors shapes etc! We offer either bracelets or singular beads! We hope you
enjoy looking at our booth!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Featured Artisit is Ruby Douglass

I am honored to feature this artist as she is my aunt.  Sewing is really a skilled art and when you make things that look like they came from a store then you know you get quality.  Leave a comment on Ruby's section and be entered to win a $5 gift certificate to shop at her booth.  as always please go to the different sections to see what all our vender's will have to offer.

Ruby's Random.nest

have dipped into many different types of crafts over the years, mostly volunteer
work, but also a portion of my life selling my products.  However, sewing is my
first love.  I have been sewing since I was a small girl.  Some of my earliest
memories are ones that include my mother, the sewing machine, and a Sears and
Roebuck catalog as my booster seat.  My mother tells me the story of her coming
in one day to find me with my doll on top of some fabric cutting around it,
trying to make clothes.  I was 9 years old at the time.  I love to sew doll
clothes.  I am hoping to share this love with others.  Most of my clothes will
be made for 18" dolls (American Girl size) with some to fit 12" and 15" dolls as
well.  I have tried to make the baby doll clothes, styles that are easy for
young hands to put on.  (My favorites are the diapers...)  Come, be a part of
our event and help share the joy of dressing up the dolls in your family!