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Welcome to the 1st spring craftastical event. We are super excited to share with you our crafty nature. Below you will see a list of vender's and artists who have committed there time and talent to bring you a fantastic show. Mark your calenders for April 29th and plan on coming to get your birthday gifts, holiday gifts, decorations for your home and some super yummy treats . More details to come. click on each persons name to see what they are offering for this show. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR NAME WHEN YOU LEAVE A COMMENT SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE FOR THE DRAWINGS. THANKS

Sunday, April 17, 2011

featured artisit is Fraundsie

Today's featured artist is Fraundsie, I don't know about you but it is hard to travel without knowing which bag is yours and no matter what you do you always seem to second guess well these bag tags are the perfect opportunity for you and me to put on our luggage and find it every time.  Please leave a message for Fraundsie and be entered in a drawing to win a fabulous prize

Bag Tag's by Fraundsie

Bag Tags
As a
grandmother of children that live all over the United States, I
fly quite
often for visits.  I love to make quilts and I see quilt possibilities
everything around me.  As I fly I find it interesting to see the strange

things people tie to luggage to identify them quickly as it comes off the

conveyor belt.  With my love of quilts and passion to use every scrap of
it was only natural to make Bag Tags.  Each set of 3 are unique.  No
two sets
are exactly alike.


Ann said...

I love these. I really like things that are different. Ann

Godfrey said...

My kids travel all the time. That is a great idea. a good way to set your bags from everyone.
Tonya Woodbrey

Godfrey said...

I love to see peoples creative ideas. They are cute. see you at the event.
Diana Fisher

Godfrey said...

Those are awesome. can't wait to see them close up.
Kristi Nielson